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In an early phase of the design process, I articulate the broad idea of the potential product. I remove all question marks through research and develop a user-centered strategy.

UX Design

Users are taken on a dynamic journey from the moment they get in touch with the product or service, from action to action, all the way until they achieved their goals.

Visual Design

Through experimenting with layouts, colors, imagery, illustrations, typography, space and balance, I aim to absorb the user's awareness and create an unforgettable user experience.



All insights from your favorite artists and songs

Top 2000

Every year at Christmas time, over 11 million Dutch people tune into Radio 2 for NPO’s Top 2000. The station has a tradition of curating a vote-based list of the 2000 most popular records of all time. Until New Years eve, song after song is revealed… Counting down to the number 1 just before 12.

For the traditions 20th anniversary, I translated data and insights into an interactive web page for NPO. Visitors start their visit at the dashboard, where all related topics to the 2000 songs are listed: risers and fallers of the list, development of records, number of listings of an artist, insightful data about the voters and striking new numbers.

The 10 Highest and Lowest

An overview of the risers and fallers of this year compared to last year. Move your mouse over a bar of the graph to see which number is involved.

How are the records doing?

Find a record and look how it has done in the Top 2000 in recent years. It is possible to compare multiple records at once.

Number of Listings

View the number of listings of an artist in a year of your choice. The graph gives you additional information about the number.

Votes in The Netherlands

Look at the top 10 of every municipality in the Netherlands. The percentages indicate how many people from a municipality voted for a number.

Votes per Age Category

The Top 2000 is for everyone: young and old. But what are the differences between 16 to 80 year olds voters? Select an age category and take a look at their top 10.



Meet Anna while running

Anna's Questions

The Billboard Series ‘Anna’s Questions’ responds to Anna’s sporty, curious and adventurous target audience. The target group likes to explore new routes while running. The campaign will create new routes by letting the target audience follow the Billboards while running, I let them explore the city and become familiar with the brand Anna. On the Billboards you can see philosophical questions with a number of bold words that tell the core of Anna. This gives these questions a double meaning. In addition to the questions, there is a (puzzle) piece of Anna’s face on every Billboard, with Anna’s entire face on the last one. Furthermore, the directions for the route are indicated on each Billboard.

Hit the ground running

Anna helps people who are looking for change. Every person, every story and therefore every client gets an equal chance to be listened to and the same bold questions that encourage people to go deeper: to get more out of a situation or challenge. So hit the ground running and see real progress.

Questions or statements?

While running, you will learn more about Anna. Not only do the in-depth questions make you think, but the bold colored words are statements that tell you more about the brand. In the question ‘How do I turn my ideas into concepts that are solution-oriented and better than my competitor?’, the statement ‘my ideas are better’ can be found. With this, Anna tells you that the brand will help you come up with good ideas for your company.



Find sustainable clothing

United Vision

Fast Fashion refers to a non-sustainable fashion industry in which clothing is produced quickly and cheaply. The cheap clothing is made of chemical materials that have a harmful effect on people and the environment. The production of this clothing depends on cheap labor, which is carried out under very poor working conditions. To make an effort to alleviate this problem, I have been commissioned by the Hogeschool van Amsterdam to design a digital interactive app that helps consumers, with an intrinsic motivation to shop more sustainably, find sustainable stores.

During the research into the buying behavior of consumers, people were found to be intrinsically motivated to shop more sustainably, but there is a lack of knowledge about the sustainable possibilities within the fashion industry. The consumers do not know where to find sustainable clothing for an affordable price. The app consists of a digital social environment that helps people find sustainable stores. Consumers are helped with this through a social timeline, where you can find the sustainable purchases of friends, and through recommended sustainable stores. These stores are put together based on the budget and location of the user. 

Make Commitment,
Indicate Preferences
& Add Friends

Find a

To use the app, consumers make a commitment to contribute to a sustainable fashion industry. With every purchase, 10% is donated to Fair Wear: an independent multistakeholder organisation that works with garment brands, garment workers and industry influencers to improve labour conditions in garment factories. People also indicate their personal preferences and add friends.

Showing sustainable purchases from friends and recommended stores will help people find sustainable clothing. The recommended stores have been compiled based on personal preferences of users. Showing sustainable purchases from friends will not only help people find sustainable stores, but also influence people to adopt the same buying behavior.

& Share

Share your Experience

When buying a sustainable clothing item in one of the recommended stores, the user scans a personal QR Code that stores the purchases and shares it with friends of the app. With this, the user automatically donates 10% of the purchase to Fair Wear. After this, the user can add a review to the purchase.

Stay up
to Date


Receive notification and don’t miss anything important. Also view the impact of your commitment. This consists of the amount that you have donated to Fair Wear. You can also make changes under your profile: change personal preferences, add friends and changer user data.



A book full inspiration

Inspiration Book

Get inspired by three incompatible themes: Dream World, Nature and Fake Existence. The content of the book was created by first gaining inspiration and simply saving everything that caught my eye. The images are partly self-made and partly collected from independent magazines such as The Wire, Elephant, Frame, Dazed & Confused, 032c and GUP. After a period and a large collection of images later, I started looking for similarities between the images. Three themes emerged that hopefully work just as inspiring for you as they do for me.

Dream World

Welcome in a new world full of dreams. Escape from reality for a moment and awake your fantasy. Let the cold colors surprise you in this imaginary existence.


Take a break from your busy life and become one with the nature. The natural colors will give peace. Experience a new, or actually old, way of harmony and travel back where we all started.

Fake Existence

We are all living a fake existence with unrealistic beauty standards, fake smiles and artificial materials that became part of our nature. A world that over produces plastic. Literally and symbolically.



Reserve your favorite book


The Amsterdam Public Library, OBA, is a cultural organisation aimed to promote a free flow of knowledge and information within the community of Amsterdam. In addition, the OBA provides a centre for dialogue and education for all sections of society. At the request of the HvA I’ve designed an OBA app to help people with the reservation of a book in the best way possible. The focus was on the visual interface design and traffic of the product.

Find Favorite Books

Put on Hold & Reserve

You can find a book by searching by genre or simply searching by title or author. Once you have found the book, you can save it to your favorites and reserve it. Pick up the book in one of the OBA libraries and read away.



Be yourself or someone else in Berlin

Young Berlin

For an assignment, regarding my Art-Direction module, I went to Berlin to take in the culture of the city to promote the authenticity of Berlin in the Netherlands. I took portraits of local Berlin youth and made a little portrait book of it. Besides the book, I also made a poster for the target group. Both products show a colorful Berlin, intended for young people. The target group is diverse, quirky, high spirited and could be described as strong characters. In Berlin, you can be yourself. Or someone else. They think in opportunities and are influenced by the unknown.

" In Berlin, you can be yourself. Or someone else. They think in opportunities and are influenced by the unknown. "

From sketch to concept

After making the portraits of ‘young Berlin’, I started to translate my observations into sketches. These sketches were the start of my poster and the cover of my portrait book. Two things stood out to me: in Berlin, young people can be themselves and the world is at their feet.

Be yourself or someone else

This is colorful Berlin. Here you’ll meet many different people. You can be yourself or someone else you feel comfortable with. It doesn’t matter, young Berlin will welcome you with open arms.

Have the world at your feet

Everything is possible in Berlin. These young but strong people see something in everything. With the world at their feet, you can’t stop them. Let yourself also be influenced by the unknown and join young Berlin.



Discover cultural landscape projects


To celebrate Leeuwarden as the Capital of Culture I designed a package for foreign families that guided them through the biodiversity of Leeuwarden. An undiscovered piece of culture that deserves to be admired. My main focus was on the user experience of the families.

The package is called the Sense of Place app. The app offers trips to cultural landscape projects around the Wadden Sea. The app guides you through the Sense Of Place Route, by letting you play a game as an Animal Spotter. The game teaches you more about these special creatures, while actually being surrounded by them and their Biodiversal environment in Leeuwarden. 



Hear all about Kanye’s opinions

Plug Kanye into your life

Kanye West isn’t afraid to speak up and tell his truth. No matter how people will feel or talk about it. Download ‘Plug Kanye into your life’ to get his bold advice about whatever you’re doing on your phone. It might help you with some tough decisions and it will definitely put a smile on your face. 

" I have the right to talk about what I want, I have the right to give my opinion because I back everything up. "

– Kanye West



Here to treat you sweet and sour

Sweet and Sour

At the request of the HvA I’ve designed an onepager for ‘Sweet and Sour’, a foodtruck from Amsterdam. The target group are quadragenarians with an above average cultural interest. The onepager is surrealistic by design.



Can a child still be a child nowadays?

Record of Real Life: the child as an adult

Children are exposed to mass media at a young age. They get in touch with adult subjects and the imagery they see are focused on beauty and social status. There is a one-sided and unrealistic representation of beauty with which children compare themselves. This has major implications for the development and self esteem of children. They also look up to popular social media influencers who tell them how to look the best they can with makeup and diet tips. All this can cause children to learn to behave like adults at an early age. In ‘Het Kind Anno 2020’, you can see 8-year-old Safae as adult with written statements by her. The photo series shows in a conceptual way what being a child means in 2020.

" I sometimes worry about my appearance. "

" I do Pilates to keep fit. "

" Almost everyone in my class has a mobile. I don't want to be part of the few without one. "

" We send photos and videos to each other via WhatsApp, Snapchat & TikTok. I get sad when I don't get a response from my friends. "

" I follow makeup tutorials from Hayley LeBlanc. She is a little older than me and already has 1.5 million followers. "

" Later... When I'm grown, I will become a dietician. "

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